We did what !!!!!

Did we just buy a house ? Yes we did !!

A friend of mine bought a house recently, you could say this was an inspiration with a hint of envy  😉 that got us started on this journey to find a house. But as soon as this journey started it hit a major road block….Can ANYONE afford a decent house in San Francisco  ?

Anyway, I kept sending my husband links of houses I liked and he kept replying back with links of houses we could afford. After some heart breaks and countless rejections we accidentally saw this house hidden in the corner of street with signs for sale floating in the wind. We found the house we like and we found that we could afford it, yay !!

Now all day I keep making a list of things I want to do and make. My Pinterest is flooded with ideas and pictures ready to be executed. I can’t wait to start packing to move into this house and just cannot stop day dreaming about the DIY projects I can do. Its time for new beginnings and happy memories.


When did I become that person who cannot find time for loved ones…..

When did this happen ? Umm….I really don’t know.

Was I always like this ? I am starting to believe I was….

What can I do about it ? ……….

The other day my Mum called me up saying “you have not called for 10 days”. I did remember everyday about not calling her but then why did I not just pick up the phone and call her ? I have not spoken to my in-laws for over 3 weeks now, although I can put the blame on my husband for calling them when I am not around but do I not miss talking to family ? The only reason I can think of is being lazy, but when did talking to loved ones become a chore for me…….I need to find out why the simple act of making a phone call has gone down so low on my daily list of things.

In the meantime I resolve to get better and make more time for my loved ones. I would not put off making a phone call by 10 mins. I promise to reply to every joke and picture that my mum sends and I am determined to get back to a time where my day started with replies to my sister’s message. I will make sure I check up on my in laws regularly and let them know they are in my thoughts. I resolve to not leave these things as a lingering “To Do” list for everyday.

Should every minute of a vacation be planned ?

We are going to take our long waited trip to Hawaii in 2 weeks.  Just this thought is helping me get through this really long and slow week. But along with the happy thoughts creeps in the anxiety and stress that comes with planning a vacation.

Although I would not categorize myself as a compulsive planner, I do suffer from a symptom best described as FOMA (Fear Of Missing out on Action). This causes anxiety that I might miss out on some of the gorgeous and unforgettable experience a new place has to offer. So what do I do……I start planning in detail.

But along with FOMA I have a husband who does not believe in planning and wants to enjoy the spontaneity and surprises of a new place. Hmm……as you can imagine the response I get when I start nagging him about making plans.

This is only our second trip after we got married in July and we  still have not figured out the smooth moves to handle each other’s pain points. But I am very hopeful and optimistic about getting there.

We ended up with a happy compromise of planning some parts and letting Hawaii surprise us. The sun, sand and water awaits us……till then we are enjoying the peace compromise.

Aloha !

Our first electric car……. yay ??

So we bought our first electric car….

Reasons to celebrate ? Getting rid of the gas guzzling 1999 Mustang my husband was driving and the fact I would have to pay almost nothing to drive my new car.

Reality….. I loved the gas guzzling mustang 😦 It holds memories of our first date, first road trip and so many more firsts. Owning a convertible somehow made me feel young (Turning 30 in a month might have something to do with it)

It started out with my husband dropping hints about wanting to buy a new car and how the mileage his old car gives makes him want to cry like a girl. I would listen and then declare “We don’t have a garage to charge an electric car, we are not getting one……lets look at one of the fancy German cars”

But, I knew I lost the battle when I received an email in my Inbox with subject line “Quotes for Nissan Leaf from your Nissan Fremont”. And so that Sunday we went to get “The facts” about leaf from the dealership….just getting some information, nothing much. I choose to ignore the fact that my husband was carrying his old car’s papers with him. We reach the dealership and the next thing I know I am choosing a color.

Its been 3 days since we bought the car…….I am driving it to work for the first time today. I am sure I would have enough things to write another story about this experience.